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The FightShape Studio is a group fitness center focused on improving human performance through progressive flexibility, strength and cardio. This intimate one of a kind training facility, provides each client with a goal oriented fitness & nutrition program.



Located in some of the world's most exotic locations, The Fightshape Experience is a beach fitness retreat designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Train in paradise while learning how to transform yourself.



The interactive online community delivering innovative and personalised fitness and nutrition programs with the convenience of accessing it from anywhere in the world. Join the FightShape Team and learn exactly what you need to do to succeed.



The FightShape System

The FightShape Intro Video from Mitch Chilson on Vimeo.

FightShape is dedicated to helping motivated individuals create a high-performance lifestyle.
Our philosophy is simple: "Move better = Feel better." Focusing on movement quality, allows the body to naturally eliminate imbalances that leads to pain and discomfort. This can result to losing body fat, building a better stamina, fixing your posture and achieving overall wellness.

The FightShape Program is high-geared towards a different doctrine around fitness, nutrition, strength and conditioning that elevates you to reach your potential, both mentally and physically.

Whether you are a high-level athlete looking to capture gold, a busy mom with no personal time or a business owner rising up the industry, FightShape can help you achieve success in life.

In life we all have something to FIGHT for, why do you want to get into FIGHTSHAPE?


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